Company Overview

  ESEVAWORLD Utility Pay has developed an innovative web-based online utility payment system. The system makes it easy for organizations both large and small to offer online utility payment to their customers – allowing them to pay their utility bills online with electronic fund transfers. Customers go to our website, log on, and have immediate access to their account where their bills are presented just like the paper utility they’re familiar with. The system is easy to set up and easy to use.  
  Unlike other online utility payment services, ESEVAWORLD Utility Pay has developed a comprehensive utility payment solution providing functionality such as:  
  • Payments that are real time, in most cases, paid and received the next day
  • Email reminders alert customers when bills arrive, when they're due and when they're paid.
  • A complete history of payment confirmations and online transactions.
  • AutoPay allows customers to set automatic payments and not worry about them again.
  • Secure transactions use the same security technology as leading online banking and financial institutions.
  ESEVAWORLD Utility Pay also meets all security compliance requirements for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. In addition to a rich end-user experience, ESEVAWORLD Utility Pay gives the organization presenting the utility a full administrative suite of features to manage the online payments from their customers.  
  ESEVAWORLD Utility Pay uses the data from an organization’s existing financial software to present the online all type of utility bills, so they don’t have to make any changes to their accounting system. Plus, they have complete administrative control and online access to all the tools they need to make ESEVAWORLD Utility Pay’s system work for their unique situation.  
  Organizations that offer online utility Bill payment through ESEVAWORLD Utility Pay also enjoy benefits such as:  
  • Reduced administrative overhead of handling and keying in information from traditional payments.
  • Reduction in mail float – online payments deposit to your account the next day giving you better management of your cash.
  • Fewer late payments and return check charges.
  • Improved customer relations by offering more payment choices.
  ESEVAWORLD Utility Pay has partnered with the leading processing firms and internet hosting and security technology partners to provide customers an easy-to-use and secure payment system that is available anytime, anywhere. And organizations and their customers know financial information is encrypted and secure